Thursday, August 20, 2009

~.. Definisi Cinta..~

Love; some say it's like a ghost, which many people say about it, but only a few have seen it. some say it's a feeling when you see someone you like, you heart starts beating fast, and you feel shy all of a sudden. and when he/she approaches you and smile, you feel like flying. love; it's a feeling when you don't see other people anymore. and the world belongs to you and her/him. love is when you starts to blush when your eyes meets with the person you like.

to me, love is like a dream. dreaming is beautiful. dreaming is fun. so is love. however, you never realized the pain until you woke up. but when you do, everything seems to make sense and all the hopes and dreams, falling apart together. some can bear it, while others don't. and when they don't bad things happens.
so, you see, love isn't always great and being happy all the time. but, love is sometimes harsh and hurtful. but, that's the beauty of it. that's what makes a person a hero.